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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Holy Helpmeet of the Mother of God  

On this feast of Mary, the Mother of God, let us pause to remember ... her husband, Joseph. He gets short shrift in the nativity story (and in the gospels in general), but the foster father of the Lord is an absolutely essential part of the Incarnation. It's been said (by someone whose name I don't recall) that the faithful response of Joseph is the most remarkable in the New Testament: at the simple word of an angel in a dream, he takes his pregnant fiancee into his home and proceeds to raise another's son as his own. Maybe not most remarkable, but it's a situation we can at least imagine ourselves having to face, and recognize how far we would fall short. But without that assent, Jesus would – at best – have been born to a publicly-shamed Mary back in the house of Joachim and Anna, her aged parents. How would his life and ministry have been different?

Joseph carted his very pregnant wife halfway across Palestine to Bethlehem, located a stable when the inns were full, had shepherds and Easter magi drop by a visit, packed up for faraway Egypt after another dream, and finally relocated to Nazareth. Years later, after three days searching for his lost son, only to hear him say I was about my father's business, he vanishes, leaving behind only legends of a peaceful death.

It is one thing to wonder how many times God desired to be born, but couldn't find a woman willing to say Mary's all-embracing Fiat; it is another to wonder how many other Herods might have been successful.

Saint Joseph, pray for us.

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