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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Ascension ... weekend?  

This evening I went to an old-line Anglican church I know, to celebrate the feast of the Ascension on the actual feastday. The Episcopals may be screwing around with a number of doctrinal and clerical issues*, but they keep the ecclesial calendar intact; they still celebrate Epiphany twelve days after Christmas, Ascension forty days after Easter, and Corpus Christi seventy days after Holy Thursday. It would be nice if the American bishops allowed some Catholics to do the same, rather than assuming that people shouldn't really be asked to practice the faith other than on Sundays.

Footnote: the downtown church I sometimes visit, near the hotel district, had about double the usual weekday attendance this noon. I wonder how many came expecting this to be a Holy Day?

*NRO subscribers only; good excerpts at The Anchoress.

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