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Thursday, September 29, 2005

A good death  

A quick followup to last week's post referencing How Race Wrecked Liberalism.

If, as Neuchterlein says:
[I]t is ironic but unsurprising that, in trying to achieve racial progress, Lyndon Johnson not only came up short but did enduring damage to the liberalism in whose name he put the issue forward
then liberalism has fallen in a worthy cause.

I am reminded of people who claim that the American Republic destroyed itself during the Cold War, by the militarization and bureaucratization of society, by the steady expansion of executive power over the legislative, of government over the citizenry.

I think that's a bit overwrought, but if it were the case that the American experiment was sacrificed to save the world from communist totalitarianism, that's not such a terrible thing to die for.

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