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Monday, December 12, 2005

A 12/12 thought experiment  

GayPatriot has an anniversary post today about what he calls 12/12 Democrats, whose political movement crystallized with the Supreme Court decision stopping the Florida recount.
12/12 Democrats turned irrationally against the GOP and its standard bearer, George W. Bush, because they felt the Supreme Court’s decision that day amounted to stealing the election.

Since that date, with a brief interlude after the attacks of 9/11 ... snip ... these Democrats have stood primarily for opposition to President Bush.
It strikes me, reading this, that many Democrats have had the same process reaction to Bush v Gore as pro-life Republicans have to Roe v Wade: an outrageous intrusion by the Supreme Court into what is properly a political question, taking the decision out of the hands of those to whom it rightfully belongs.

(This is complicated by the unacknowledged reality that, in each case, the basic outcome of the court's unwelcome decision would have obtained eventually, whether by fully-recounted ballots or the Republican-dominated House of Representatives, or by gradual state-by-state liberalization. This gives an undercurrent of helplessness and futility to the sense of righteous indignation.)

I think I can now understand a little of how some people might feel about Florida 2000. So how many 12/12 Democrats are likely to experience the same empathy for pro-lifers?

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