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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Pot-luck Catholics  

The Catholic church in America is whatever sort of institution you want it to be: social, cultural, ethnic, political (social action/left or moralistic/right), hierarchical, community-based, mystical, apparitional, nostalgic, activist, charismatic, all-encompassing or undemanding; holidays-only, everyday, every Sunday, now-and-then. We are not cafeteria Catholics, but nibblers at a smorgasbord. With the aging priests and vanishing sisters no longer dictating the menu, with the laity now more involved than ever, we have a pot-luck religion.

Whatever you want the church to be for you, you can find it – if you look. (Even oppressive, repressive, patriarchal, heterosexist, and outdated; got that, too, in spades, if that's what you truly expect it to be.) That's what being catholic and universal means, we've decided. Something for everyone, and everyone takes their own preferred portion. The problem is, Who really knows what they really want? What fallen soul knows what we actually need?

And so we get a religion that confirms us – not one that changes us. We dine on what we bring to the table, perhaps sampling other things here and there; perhaps not.

Perhaps, in the process of practicing the faith we choose, we discover that it's more than we expected or bargained for – but perhaps not.

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