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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Many-card Monte  

Nelson Ascher is blogging again (hat tip to Neo-neocon)

In a recent post he sees Iran's fingerprints on the cartoon kerfuffle.
[W]hat if the Cartoon Jihad were a remake of the Rushdie affair in more than one way? What if someone, say, in Iran already knew about those old cartoons, but left the whole thing untouched until the right moment when some noise was needed? Why now?
Wretchard concurs. The Religious Policeman, on the other hand, sees evidences of Saudi involvement, and Gateway Pundit fingers radical, probably Wahhabi-funded, European imams.

So is the noise needed to distract from the IEAA, or from another few hundred deaths due to Saudi mismanagement of the hajj?

Or is this yet another example of an ongoing struggle within Islam being played out on our soil, with Westerners used as props and pretexts, this time within the vitally important information front? The "moderates" remain silent because they're waiting to see which horse is stronger. We tried letting two enemies bleed each other dry during the Iran-Iraq war, and that didn't work out so wonderfully.

One nice thing about the Cold War was not only the clarity of the threat of universal destruction, but that each side was generally able to enforce some message and tactical discipline on its proxies. There are way too many players in this game, with far too many weapons and petro/narcodollars and not nearly enough accountability.

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