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Monday, February 13, 2006

Psychohistory revisited  

After long years of not thinking about him at all, two items about Adlai Stevenson show up within a week. I wonder to what extent his "anti-leader's" urge to self-destruction had to do with this. It would certainly explain the diffident passivity in tough circumstances, the self-sabotage-by-omission that sometimes occurs when a long-guilty conscience hatches a sense of unworthiness.

And was there something similar in McCarthy's past, or is the urge to self-destruction driven by other forces than guilt alone?

And how does this illuminate Teddy Kennedy's politically-crippling 1980 interview with Roger Mudd? Or (like Adlai) his politics?


Update: The context is a bit OT, but I just saw this phrase in a comment by EssEm to a post entitled Liberal Dis-Armament at Shrinkwrapped:
Atonement by suicide (highminded moralism being the weapon of choice)

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